As there are four cardinal directions, there are four aspects in life. These four points are a recurring theme throughout powerful cultures and ancient sciences.

They are four pillars of life, demanding equal respect. These include emotional, material, intellectual and sexual (creative). Sexuality is the most mysterious and often misunderstood aspect, where human life is given creativity and imagination. 

Sexuality, creativity, imagination are your God given rights. It should be exalted. Instead it is the most often suppressed and oppressed aspect in life in present day, because it is an intangible element. Its science is not yet comprehensible to humankind via modern sources of science such as the scientific method. As a result this creates huge imbalances in life that can take form in various subconscious ways, all while trying to maintain and take control of the self - such as narcissism, eating disorders and several other mind/body disorders. 

Gender has very little to do with sexuality. Your creativity has everything to do with your sexuality, rather than what your genetalia or which gender you identify. This notion is brushed aside when it should be exalted, because it is less tangible, and the science behind it, is not yet understood nor provable via modern streams such as the scientific method. 

What is misunderstood and misconceived out of fear of the unknown, is that sexuality is your own innate superpower. If you would like to tap into this powerful element, be notified of upcoming workshops and events, please contact me below. 

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