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New Moon Lunar - s c o p e

Lunar A s t r o Tarot-scopes for the new moon April 22 at 10:25 PM EST, read from the Oddments deck for your moon sign.

On this new moon, the question(s) to ask yourself and reflect upon are: 1) What needs to be released? 2) What do you want to see grow from that release? Suggestions are provided based on the card selection, however, *you* always know what's truly best for you. No one else does.

Reminder: Your moon sign is the embodiment of how you experience feelings and emotions in this life.

(If you're not sure what your moon placement is, check out - you'll need your time of birth and place. Alternatively these can be read for sun signs)

Aries Moon <> IIII Four of Cups The moon has leaves your sign today and enters into Taurus. Think about the motion between the elements Fire >< Earth >< Water. The work you have been doing to create an emotional foundation for yourself, your family and in the name of love and higher consciousness is present. So where are you feeling restricted? Where are you searching? Reach deep into those places and take a moment to understand them from a biological (fire) perspective, then security (earth) perspective, then emotional (water) perspective. This is something to reflect upon for the new moon.

Release & Renew Spell Recommendation: Write down something that is restricting who you are on an emotional level. It's time to release this back into the ground. Take the paper and tear it, each time saying "I release ___________ which no longer serves who I am." Tear it at least 3 times, and as many more times as you want. Take the pieces of paper and bury them into the ground, or alternatively throw them into a fire. Discard the remaining ashes into the earth. Between now and the full moon on May 7th, sow a seed of something edible above them. Call into your life security and purpose, pouring a small amount of water as you do so onto the seed nourishing it. In due time you will ingest whatever it is you have grown and it will renew your emotional well being in a spherical cellular level. As you ingest visualize the nourishment activating each and every one of your cells.

Taurus Moon <> X Ten of Swords

Hey Taurus moon, this card keeps coming up over and over and over again! Here we have it: the collective intellect. Yikez bikez! Are there books on your table that have gone unread and unfinished? Make it a goal to complete one by the full moon on May 7. When you're reading it, think about how it relates to your intellect on an individual level vs us on a collective level. As your thoughts coincide with your heart, they soar like a hawk in the sky. There is a mental magnetic energy happening for you and it's time to use this magic in all the ways. Ride the wave of mental balance between your yin and yang and savor in its pleasure.

Release & Renew Spell Recommendation: What have you been feeling lately within your emotional body that is no longer serving you? Choose one word. Where does that reside in your subtle body energy? Take a look at a chakra chart for guidance, there are keywords for imbalance. Take a look at where your release resides. The book 'Eastern Body, Western Mind' comes highly recommended. Take a string or chord, tie a knot as you say the word. The knot represents an extension of you to be release. Hold the chord out, saying 3 times "I release _________ that no longer serves who I am." Visualize the extension from the place in your body being released. Bury the knot into the ground. Between now and the full moon, find a seed to sow that will grow into the color of the the chakra center. Plant the seed on top of the knot, and watch the release grow into something beautiful and restorative to your emotional well being.

Gemini Moon <> X Wheel of Fortune Rx

If you're feeling emotional friction right now, it may very well be from your beliefs and outlooks about abundance. Have you ever had a chance to write down and think about your beliefs surrounding money, wealth, finance, AND abundance. How do you relate to abundance? Reflect back to impressions your friends, family, society, and *school* might have affected your mentalities surrounding these concepts. If you live in America, a huge percentage of society is shouting the prefer the economy and wealth over health (of the collective.) How does this sit with you? Where do you need to iron out some kinks in how you act and move throughout the day vs your actual values and integrity? Carpe diem.

Release & Renew Spell Recommendation: Spend some time thinking about one impression about money you've been clutching onto that no longer serves who you are. Make it about one that affects you on a daily level. (It could be as tiny as a pledge to use your own thermos instead of wasting disposable coffee cups.) Write it down on a piece of paper. Roll the piece of paper up and tie it with a string into a knot, holding one end say 3 times "I release __________ which no longer serves who I am now." Cut the string. Bury the paper in the ground. Keep a gratitude journal the next 12 days, write at night if possible. Days 1-3, write down 3 things each day of what you are thankful for emotionally. Days 4-6 write down 3 things each day of what you are thankful for intellectually. Days 7-9 write down 3 things each day of what you are thankful for creatively. Days 10-12 write down 3 things each day of what you are thankful for materially. On the twelfth day plant a seed on top of the buried release. Read out loud in the mirror your gratitude journal on the full moon May 7th.

Cancer Moon <> Queen of Cups Rx Take a look at what's going on in your family life and how that is effecting you on an emotional level. Where is there pleasure (do you feel it in your heart?) and where is there pain (do you feel it in your gut?)? Where do you feel these sensations, and how are you emotionally reacting towards them? Take a moment to go deep into your childhood and think about a time when your family conjured pleasure and pain within you? Have these memories played out into spiraling patterns? Spend some time today thinking about these things.

Release & Renew Spell Recommendation: What needs to go? What can be released from the above? You know what it is, as you have an incredibly powerful intuitive gift connected in with the moon. Let this new moon gently help you release something you've been holding onto, that thing creating self imposed overprotective tendencies and harmful reactions. Let yourself feel into these emotions for some time, and then slowly assign what it is you need to release to a color. Color association. Create a drop of this color using food coloring, paint, etc. Take a cup of water in your most sacred cup or bowl. Drop the color into the water and watch it. When you feel ready state three times "I release ________ that no longer serves me." Pour out the water down the drain. Clean the cup or bowl, while asking the moon to give you renewed and restored energy. Fill the cup or bowl with sacred water and a gift from the moon. Drink it.

Leo Moon <> VI Six of Swords

Think back to one of your first experiences and memories with pure joy. Once you've remembered something specific, think about how it informed your intelligence and brainpower. Joy activates and lights up our right frontal cortex, the precuneus, the left amygdala, and the left insula. This activity involves connections between awareness (frontal cortex and insula) and the “feeling center” (amygdala) of the brain. Think about that a moment, and how many moments have informed our brain's decisions. Now meditate on these memories which have surfaced. (If you want to take it a step further, look into the reflection of water.) Create a mantra out of this or many joyous occasions, which you can use for your release and renewal spell below.

Release & Renew Spell Recommendation: Release feelings that can turn into cowardly or insecure behaviors. Think about it for a moment. What one big thing is coming up for you? Dwell on it, meditate on the root of the problem. Do you know where this is stemming from? Use your intuition. Now take a string and scissors. Time to chop this one big thing away from you. As you tie a knot in the chord/string think about what it is, now say "I release ____________ which no longer serves me." Say it 3 times before cutting the chord. Take the knot and bury it into the ground, you can plant a seed on top of it between tonight's new moon and the full moon. Then call in the energy from above with your newly created mantra. Look into the mirror and say it 3 times. Repeat daily until the full moon. Notice the change in energy.

Virgo Moon <> VI Six of Cups

Think back to when you were a kiddo. Try and think back to the time you were 6 years old. What did you love to do? How did you spend your time playing? Virgo moons appreciate the little things, and for some reason I'm imagining you with a bucket of crayons or fascinating objects. Instead of actually coloring, you might have spent time simply admiring the colors, holding them in your hands, organizing them in various color blocks to your hearts content. So cute! So what was it for you? What did it for you? Dwell on that place, and what it was about that act that made so special for you. What was it that made your heart sing?

Release & Renew Spell Recommendation: Re-enact the above scene. But first, you know that thing in your house you just can't stand to look at it? Choose one object you're tired of seeing. Think about what it is that's making you sick and tired of it. Go deep here, what is it about that thing? How does it make you feel? Why? Are there places, memories or people attached to it? It's time to say goodbye. Think about it on an intellectual, emotional, sexual, and materialistic level. Write it a farewell note. Find a way to repurpose it, gift it, recycle it. Just get rid of it. You don't need to see it anymore. Now you have room for something new and fabulous in your life, see what comes to you by the full moon. Your heart will know. When you've done that, circle back to the above childhood experience. What have you got now to inspire you? Choose some of your most cherished objects and possessions, reorganize them. Arrange them into color blocking like you're Rothko, Anni or Josef Albers. Enjoy every moment of it. Ask these items to give you new energy.

Libra Moon <> XVIIII The Sun

Today take time studying the yang aspects of yourself. Allow them to be a little more pronounced than they usually might be. Spend some time playing with your own masculine energy. How does the sun cause you to rise up? How does it motivate you? When it's the first spectacularly beautiful perfectly sunny day, what are you drawn to do? While we're all cooped up in shelter in place, take a moment to give thanks to the powerful energy and life force this star provides for YOU as a person, and then for us collectively.

Release & Renew Spell Recommendation: Think about some hard feelings you might be having these days. Feelings that you want out and no longer serve you. You might want to write them down. Take a moment with these feelings, how they make your body feel. Where is tension held while thinking about them? Notice in your heart which ones you're ready to truly let go of. Now visualize the sun soaking up these tear drops. Visualize these feelings and emotions as a color, coming out the top of your head and feet. Watch the sun star take them from you, burning them away and out. (If you wrote them down and are near a fire, throw them in as a psychomagick act - the fire as a representation of the sun) Now that these have been cleared away, the sun has something to give you back. Renewed energy and vital life force. Visualize the sun giving you this energy as a colored light. What color is it? Where do you want to store it in your body? Spend some time with this visualization (suggested 30 min - 1 hr)

Scorpio Moon <> IIII Four of Pentacles

Spend some time grounding today, and by that I mean collect some favorite material things in your life and surround yourself with them - whether that's a puppy, candle, bubble bath, silk shirt, tree in your yard, a stone, flowers in your garden. Take 4 major or little things - the only thing important is that they *feel* grounding to you, in your life. Spend some moments meditating with these things. Think about what aspects of them make you feel grounded. Is it their shape? Their touch? Smell? Taste? Sound? What is it pulling you in? Centering you? Give gratitude to these forces in your life, bringing you a sense of grounding.

Release & Renew Spell Recommendation: While you may be feeling intense emotions today and not know where to place them, do your best to take a moment to hold space with these feelings. How do they make you feel? Where do they feel the most tense in your body? How can you release them out from your body? Breath work? Qi Gong? A good scrub down and out in shower? Put on some of your fav calming centering music (even better if from childhood). Use your own hands and life force to clear out up to 4 hard specific emotions and feelings you've been having lately. Feel them in your body and visualize them evaporating into the air. Now take those grounding elements from above, and call in what you noticed about them. Call these elements into your body. Spend some time soaking into this release and renewal.

Sagitarrius Moon <> VII Seven of Cups Rx

It's time to toot your own horn in a different way. You're clearing out a lot of cobwebs and it might not exactly be comfortable at first. Have you ever watched the way instruments are made? The way air runs through an organ to play their tune? It's pretty wild. There are a lot of niche lost arts out there, and you might have lost some along the way too. Take one back into your life, collect it up, utilizing its pleasure in new and different ways. It's time to expand out the feeling of JOY (it might not yet feel like it.) As the moon grows, so will your enjoyment.

Release & Renew Spell Recommendation: Think about some emotional dissonance that no longer is serving who you are. You know what it is. Spend some time examining any unpleasant and emotional cobwebs needed to sweep away. In fact I would literally write some down, tear them up, and sweep them away. You can bury the paper beneath a layer of earth and plant some seeds of something beautiful you want to see grow out of this release. Sow them between now and the full moon the May 7.

Capricorn Moon <> III Three of Wands

Hey you! There are little baby antennae's rising from the earth, peaking out their brand new heads, and that includes your creative mind. Enjoy the splendor and pleasure that surrounds you. Seek out an inspiration of colors, smells, tastes, textures and sounds. Re-explore things you haven't in so long. Seduce yourself. We are blessed to be able to do all of these things.

Release & Renew Spell Recommendation: Release anything older than one year that you haven't yet finished creatively, this means sexual relationships too. It will be a huge release for you, and you'll be able receive and replenish so much after doing this. The new sprouts will multiply exponentially.

Aquarius Moon <> VIII Eight of Wands Rx

Colors and symbols are sacred elements to your subconscious being. Did you ever make one of those sand layer arts way back in the day? The ones filled with layers of colored sand. They likely looked linear, stacked one above the other, like a totem. (The most powerful and important animal is at the bottom.) Recognize the color at the bottom. Now imagine bending those stacks of color into a wavey sphere. Can you visualize the rainbow of colors bending and floating into a round orb? How does that make your heart feel?

Release & Renew Spell Recommendation: Now is a great time to sit and recreate this exercise, one often done during childhood. This time metaphorically dump the sand out and start over. You can simply visualize it in your mind. With these layers, what colors and symbols are there? Can you watch them bend into a sphere? When you stir them with your wand, what frequencies are you feeling and hearing? All this magic is inside you. Engage with it and keep it sacred. Savor what comes into your heart and mind. Colors and symbols are sacred elements to your subconscious being.

Pisces Moon <> III Three of Swords Rx

Do you know what's been preventing you from delving deeper into your ideas? When was the first time you recall forming your own opinion? Was it part of some of your first memories? Think about it. Think about how your senses have moved you through life, guiding you. Have they ever lead you astray? It's time to return to first memories, the ones where you formed your own thoughts and opinions based on your perceived senses and inspect them in a deeper emotional way.

Release & Renew Spell Recommendation: If you can in the next day or two, carve out some space and do a bit of journaling surrounding the above notions. It's A LOT, not an easy task per se. Start by writing what you witnessed through your senses - what did it smell like, taste like, look like, sound like, how did it feeeeel? Simply do your best. Use your intuition to the max. Release a long held and kept grievance keeping you from holding the emotional / feelings space you deserve to for yourself. Create a visualization of it evaporating into the air, up and out into the ether. Replace this release with all the new sensations - associate a new color, smell, sound, taste and touch with revitalizing energy. Visualize these to entering into your being on a cellular level.


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