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New Moon Lunar - s c o p e s

Lunar A s t r o Tarot-scopes for the new moon March 24th, read from the Carnival at the End of the World tarot deck.

We have the glorious rebirthing new moon in Aries March 24th and great window to bring new found hope and understanding of ourselves and community. Below are scopes for your *moon sign* .

Your moon sign is the embodiment of how you experience feelings and emotions in this life.

(If you're not sure what your moon placement is, check out - you'll need your time of birth and place. Alternatively these can be read for sun signs)

Aries Moon <> VII Cups Rx

Dearest Aries Moon, with the seven of cups reversed, I’m happy to tell you that you’re in an excellent place of power under the new moon in Aries. A new capability is forming to rise above and see clearer skies. Things certainly are feeling tricky recently, and for you perhaps even more. Now with this new moon you have your head firmly in place on your shoulders and you know how to use it. As emotions arise, you can calmly and strategically interact with them. Give thanks to this new moon, in your sign - give offerings and blessings to it, because for you now - you are like a ninja infused with a buddhist monk, swiftly and consciously making decisions that will lead you onward into at least the next 6 months of your life. Go create and inspire those in need.

Color to don, drink/eat, create with: Hibiscus

Recommendation: Incorporate hibiscus tea drink into your daily regimen until the full moon.

Taurus Moon <> The Moon

My Taurus Moon bbs. Spend the day basking in the delight that the moon brings you. Play moon songs, watch the Mighty Boost Moon collection, and *most importantly* do something to tune deeply, even deeper than you ever thought possible, to your intuition. It has something important to tell you, and if you don’t take a good chunk of time during this new moon window (3 days) you might be missing out on something that will nurture and support you in your connection to the planet earth, to gravity, to the animals, trees and ocean tides. Pay attention. Tune in. Make an intuition alter, blessing the moon and meditate there. Meditate on your intuition that is about to grow so much deeper while in communion with this new moon in Aries.

Color to don, drink/eat, create with: Silver

Recommendation: Eat oysters, collect all the silver things you have at home and arrange them into an art object and take photos, share them with the world.

Gemini Moon <> Madame Lulu

Okay Gemini Moon, this is an imperative time to be delicate with yourself. To take a step back and notice where things may be wan within your own personal life. Take account of the fragility, and know that this is a time where the fragility is neither good nor bad- it just is. Meditate on these areas of your life and consider what needs to happen starting *now* in order to move forward in your life. For this I recommend scrying, sky gazing, or watching birds or fish movements for the day. Pay attention to what the universe is telling. Today is a day where you must slow down and go inward, before moving outward - and if you can manage to do this, you will have gifts and be able to care for yourself (and then others) for what is to come.

Color to don, drink/eat, create with: Violet

Recommendation: Grow violets, or violet colored plants, fruits and vegetables. Finger paint a self portrait with violet paint. Wear violet essential oil, drink or take violet leaf tincture / tea.

Cancer Moon <> 4 of Swords

Are you wearing an intellectual mask that is preventing you from fully relaxing? Yes? Take it off. Take a bath. Create your own guided visualization of floating in a field of fragrant flowers. Remember that scene in Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz? Yeah you know the one. Real mind power comes from giving the mind a rest. You’ll feel so much more refreshed and have a new method to mentally stabilize. Do it now under this new moon and it will implement new structures around stabilization, assertion and maintenance for your mind and intellectual powers. You deserve this. So what’s stopping you?

Color to don, drink/eat, create with: Cherry Red

Recommendations: Drink cherry juice, sponsor a permaculture farm, read books about nature - especially ones with cherry red covers (yes, I know it sounds crazy)

Leo Moon <> Doctor Falke Rx

Take a look at the vagus nerve, the sympathetic vs parasympathetic nervous system. It can be pretty easy right now to fall down a rabbit hole of panic, scarcity mentality and fight or flight mode. How do you tame your ego my Leo Moons? Take a look and deeply examine and analyze this for yourself. Now is not the time to react, overreact, and it is instead time to take a step back and observe. Take emotional distance where and when needed, and find ways to relax. This is a time to plant your seeds in what you can root down as far as igniting a new sense of inner calmness and stillness. I know you can do it! Make a list or organize your thoughts into any ways you need to shift gears within these states of being during the new moon in Aries. You are worthy of gaining deeper insights and understandings into the organizational webs of the universe- it may appear chaotic at first, however it is anything but that.

Color to don, drink/eat, create with: Brunette

Recommendations: Curl up with a good book of Krishnamurti. Keep a journal through this madness. Introspect and see how your insights can help yourself and your community. Share the knowledge and insights you gain.

Virgo Moon <> IV Wands Rx

This is not a time to put pressure on yourself. Allow yourself to rest, take naps, and take good physical care of nourishing your body, spirit, heart and mind. Your projects might take a bit longer than you’re wanting, so it’s imperative to be patient with yourself and those around you. You are dancing upside down on a turtle, juggling many projects. What can you learn from it all? Listen to and observe nature. Count the patterns on shells, turtle shells that is. What does it indicate? Find meaning through the collaboration and creation within nature. Goddexx is calling for you to stand still and pay attention. Take deep breaths, allow for faulty communications to occur without passing judgements or assumptions.

Color to don, drink/eat, create with: Cobalt Blue

Recommendations: Create nature studies as if you were Jane Goodall. Draw your observations, write them down. Relax instead of buying into the hustle and bustle of your projects.

Libra Moon <> III Pentacles Rx

You have gifts your not sharing, and now is the time to set in stone ways in order to finally share them and utilize them in new ways. This is also a time to join in on training, courses or new communities in which you can learn. The new moon in Aries will bless and benefit you here for months to come - so that course you’ve been eyeing? Take it. Join it. It might not feel like it now, but it will pay off somewhere down the road. You might be feeling a lack of abundance, so please pay close attention to how you can shift any inherited family beliefs or societal beliefs around these constructs you might be encountering. It’s time to shift these beliefs and awareness into new understandings you have yet to comprehend.

Color to don, eat/drink, create with: Purple Grape

Recommendations: Take a new course, training or find a mentor through the inter webs. Take pleasure in what you have before you, unless you’re incarcerated or a refugee, you have a lot. If you’re reading this, you have internet access for starters.

Scorpio Moon <> The Deluge

Scorpio Moon - it’s okay to cry, to feel despair. In order to let feelings pass, you have to allow them to be. You are likely to be feeling the collective sorrow and sadness, which is nothing new only highlighted. I cannot stress the society and systems in which we live, which are alive by the backs of systemic racism and rape culture. Your heart is with the incarcerated, the refugees, the immigrants, the starving, the homeless, and so on. Our system denies basic rights to a huge percentage of the global population. Allowing yourself to embrace this sorrow, will create a clearing in which you can allow yourself to envision a future you want to be in place. It is time to get wildly creative and visionary (once you’ve had a good cry). Pay attention to the sources of water, the old stories and myths about keepers of the water. Learn how to create clean water.

Color to don, eat/drink, create with: Teal

Recommendations: Consume algae. Learn about algae. Learn about underwater systems. Contribute water to the oppressed. Write post cards to the incarcerated. Send love into the universe, *after* you’ve had a good cry. Watch sad movies. Read If Women Rose Rooted. Learn about off grid water methods. Look up the Roni Horn Water series.

Sagitarrius Moon <> II Swords

Take a look at where you are feeling divided in this new moon in Aries. Make a list of these things, and then create new thought patterns around a non binary non dualistic way to perceive them. Meet in the middle. And then, have you seen Star Wars? Remember when Luke Skywalker is blind folded? What does Obi-Wan Kenobi say? “Your eyes can deceive you, don’t trust them.” With this new moon, learn to tap into your own trust and self reliance in new ways. Use your body to do so. Your body is a tool to connect to your mind, and it is the most powerful tool you’ve got. Stop wasting your time on conspiracy theories, and spend your time on where you actually want to put your energy and gifts.

Color to don, eat/drink, create with: Clover Green

Recommendations: Blind folded eating. Blind folded meditations. Make lists and dwell on how to center between your dualistic natures of thinking.

Capricorn Moon <> The Star Rx

Your forte can be a pessimistic outlook. Think long and hard about where that gets you in this life. Is it a place where you want to be? Pessimism, as you well know, is a defense mechanism for something deeper. Behind this you’re clutching your dreams to your heart, hoping they won’t disappear. It is time to express your dreams and step away from pessimism. What do you really want? IT IS attainable! You know you can do it, because you do it all the time. Here and now find the ways you can connect in with the Universe. This new moon has a lot to give you, if you can participate in connecting to its higher state of consciousness on this new moon in Aries.

Color to don, eat/drink, create with: Coral

Recommendations: Make art about coral. Coral reef meditation. Alter to the universe. Draw tarot or oracle for the new moon, find a spread from so many of the sources. Get a reading.

Aquarius Moon <> Page of Wands

What do you want to create? Do it. Carpe diem. You will inspire so many people and your community. What you create on this new moon will instigate lateral growth that is so needed right now. Enjoy your wonderment and curiosity. Utilize your imagination to the best of your ability. Delve into the picture books you have, Pinterest, and create mood boards or whatever it might take you to get inspired. We really need you right now. Do your thang. Let your freak flag fly.

Color to don, eat/drink, create with: Fungi Orange

Recommendations: Make mood boards, create art, give thanks to your weirdness by communiing with the new moon in Aries. Look at picture books.

Pisces Moon <> X Swords Rx

While you’ve likely been in quite the battle of your mind, this new moon in Aries is helping you ease on out. The universe is cheering you on and this new moon offers just the beacon of hope you need to a rebirthing of sorts. To set it in stone, nothing can be greater than spending time connecting your body to your mind through meditation and breathwork. The confusing and harsh spirals are behind you now, and you can use this time to envision the world you want to be in place. Ask the moon for help. Write her a letter. She’s here for you. Spend some time these next few days feeling a new sense of peace you haven’t been able to feel in some time. You are blessed, show the universe you know it and share it with the world. We all need your beacon.

Color to don, eat/drink, create with: Lobster Red

Recommendations: Spend time envisioning what you want from this day forward. Write it down. Make it so. You deserve it, and so do we. Your connection to the abyss is uncanny, and we need your services

here and now. Give love.


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