Astro + Tarology Mix

Combining energy forces, with the entities of astrology and tarot together.


Your astrological natal chart is the blueprint for your present day life. It will allow you to understand complex aspects about yourself that can be difficult to comprehend or navigate otherwise. Many aspects of life can be difficult, and here I will provide insight about what you can work on in order to reach your fullest potential and break free from deep rooted subconscious blocks. ‚Äč

Tarot cards have a mysterious past, and have been tainted throughout the ages. I work with Tarot des Marseille approach in order to give you reinforcement and guidance in all aspects of life. I offer guidance, readings and educational services about utilizing the tarot during your session. A combination of the Tarot des Marseille and Black Power tarot decks are used.


DISCLAIMER: I am unable to provide specific insight into your future and what will happen to you/loved ones in the future. These aspects are often preyed open by those with clairvoyant capabilities to people in desperate need, situations and scenarios.

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